Buttoned Skirt

photography to Sam

Black V-neck Sweater - Thrifted
Buttoned Denim Skirt - Forever21
Milk and Oreo Socks - Japan
Platform Sandals - Boohoo
Holographic Tote Bag and Pink Studded Heart Choker - Ebay
Yo yo. 
I'm broke because I just purchased an airplane ticket to somewhere.
It's a secret where. The point is... I'm broke cuz I'm spending money $$$ for me and for my precious friends. This outfit is mad simple but whatevs, I think it looks trippinnn

Overall Dress

photography to Sam
Denim Jacket- Levi's
Black Crewneck - Thrifted
Overall Dress- Yesstyle
Thigh High Socks- American Apparel
Combat Boots- Docs
Studded Heart Garter- Ebay
Studded Clear Choker- Etsy
Black Backpack- Cleo & Patek
I'm loving garters and chokers. I need more!!
I hate wearing docs but it gets the outfit dun right ya dig~

Old post back in February and when I still had long hair. I chopped it off last week into a bob. Currently loving my hair but I admit, I do miss my long hair back when it was black


photography to Brian
Duster Overcoat- Thrifted
Pink Pullover- Spinss
Black High Waisted Jeans- Pacsun
Platform Boots-  H&M
Pink Chunky Scarf- Forever21

I love wearing loing overcoats- it makes me feel mature and sophisticated. I mean, I tried to be the usual grungy me but this overcoat is making me look more dashing than bad, hehe.
Stay warm guys and take care of care of yourself well~