Floral and Knit

Howdy! How are you all doing? I hope you are doing well ^^
The weather is somewhat bi polar but overall it is gradually becoming warmer!
It feels so nice and refreshing. It is becoming much easier to layer and flaunt different tones.  For instance, here I am wearing a long dress with a knit, keke. Hope you like it!
photography credits to Jenna

Floral Dress - Vintage
Crochet Socks and platform lace up boots - H&M
Studded Bag - borrowed from Jenna

Readily prepared for Spring by dressing in floral! Carefully not exposing myself being that it is slightly chilly but still displaying some grunge-esque details. A little goody but feeling like a baddie, hehe. Feels like I am heading out to a long voyage. Maybe it's because of the long dress and the socks.


Cobalt Blue

Ah, a beautiful shade of blue that highlights the royalty and the dignity of her but you do not dare to ask. Her cool presence declares silent admiration and gazes. Striding by, she gives you her devious smile.
photography credits to Connie
Cobalt Blue Pea Coat - Old Navy
Platform Lace up Boots - H&M
Cream Flap Crossbody - Forever21

Hehe, I'm a bit embarrassed with the tiny piece of creative literature I attempted earlier as I envisioned while wearing this coat. Hope you guys grasped how I portrayed myself in this look ^^

Wore this coat out mostly because of the color and thought it would look brilliantly dashing with the cream bag. Snagged this bag back from black Friday for 50% off btw, keke. Never had the chance to wear both of them out so when it became warmer, I knew without a doubt that they would go perfectly with one another.

Have a beautiful week! Sorry for my lack of inactivity. I'll get back to all of you, I promise!


Urban Tribal

It's been awhile since the last time I blogged (which is over a week ago) so I deeply apologize. Hate how school is so hectic and getting stressed over such things (mostly school related). Enough with the boring talk, I was so thrilled to meet up with Connie during her Spring break and also the weather in New York nearly reached up to 65 degrees! Oh, how generous mother nature is! Had me drape myself with this huge tribal patterned cardigan snagged from a boutique in soho ^^
photography credits to Connie

Fringed Tribal Cardigan and Buckled Boots - Mystique Boutique
Shirt - H&M
Acid Jeggings - Cotton On

Although not entirely bohemian, I attempted to add a dab of sophistication. Laid back and lively but well suited for an urban environment. Love the simplicity of the tribal print on the cardigan. The length of this is on point for a semi short lady like me. Also pairing with these boots got me imagining for that Western wanderer whose on a journey that you see in movies, haha. Hope you like my take on tribal so far despite the fact that this outfit seemed extremely casual....